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Open For Picking for 2017 Season!

Today is Opening Day for picking Muscadines!

Black Beauty, Darlene, Fry, Tara are all available.

See You at the Vineyard!

winemaking class 2016

We will be having a winemaking class on Saturday Oct 8 2016 at 1230 pm. It will demonstrate each of the steps used to start a batch of Muscadine wine.

muscadines sept 15 2016

We have lots of muscadines available for picking now. We can accommodate people who want large amounts for wine or jellies or those who want small amounts for fresh fruit to eat.

Norton grapes 2016 available this weekend

Norton grapes are available to pick this weekend. The brix is about 23 to 24. This can make a nice red wine.

concord is ready for picking

We have concord grapes ready to pick at the Toney vineyard. We also have some white muscadines available to pick.

wine grapes for sale

We are selling some Baco Noir and Marquette red wine grapes this season. 1.50 $/lb you pick. The brix is about 25-26 on average. These can make some good wine if anyone is interested

oriental persimmons

We have oriental persimmons (fuyu variety) available starting on Friday October 9, 2015 at 1200 pm at the Toney vineyard. They will cost $1.00 a piece.

Winemaking Class

Hyde's Harvest often gets the question, "Can we buy your muscadine wine?". We are not a winery and do not have a license to sell wine. Our business supports the home winemaker and will be holding a hands on class to provide instruction on basic wine making procedures.

When: September 26, 2015
Where: Toney Vineyard, 214 Ardwall Rd. Toney, AL
Time: 1:00Pm-? (estimated at 2 hours depending on number of participants.)

What will be covered: Basic overview of wine making from fresh grapes and the fermentation process.

Muscadines available for picking

We have red and white muscadines available for picking at the Toney location. We also have bunch grapes available Chardonel and Norton, as some Concord.

2015 muscadines for sale

We have got muscadines for sale. The Toney location currently has white muscadines available, and the Harvest location has some red muscadines available.