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Welcome to Hyde's Harvest Vineyard!

It's been an eventful year for the Hyde's but the grapes are still coming!

The April 27th Tornado hit the Harvest Vineyard, but not the Toney Vineyard. The Harvest Vineyard sustained severe damage. The vines have been re-trellised and are off to a good start, but won't be producing this year.

The Toney Vineyard is looking forward to a good harvest. The muscadines are starting to develop and will be ready at the beginning of September. This should be our first year for a good crop of Chardonel and Norton. We are really excited about these vines. The Chardonel is a French Hybrid and the Norton is a native American vine. Both grapes are well suited for making great wines!

Check back periodically to see updates on the vines and find out information about when we will be open for picking!

Luke and Brooke Hyde
Rob and Charlotte Hyde