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Muscadines and Norton

Muscadines are currently ready to pick. We have White and Red available. $1.50 per pound. The Harvest vineyard is open from 6:00 pm till 7:30 mon-fri call 615 604 3513 to make sure someone is there. The toney vineyard is open daily from 10 am thru 7:00 pm. Call 615 604 0624 to make sure someone is there.

To coordinate a time to pick Muscadines please contact
Charlotte at (615)604-0624

Norton grapes are ripening nicely and are now being picked. We had a busy picking on September 8th, but still have some available. These grapes make nice red wine similar to a Merlot. The Norton will also be $1.50 per pound.

To find out more information about the Norton please contact Luke at (615)604-3513 or grapes@hydesharvest.com

We look forward to seeing you in the Vineyard! Directions to either vineyard are on this website.

The Hydes