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2015 muscadines for sale

We have got muscadines for sale. The Toney location currently has white muscadines available, and the Harvest location has some red muscadines available.

Concord, Niagara, and Chardonnel

We have some Concord and some Niagara still available for sale. We now have some Red Muscadine available at the Harvest location.

The Toney location has some Chardonel available now for picking.

Concord grapes are starting to come in

We have concord grapes available to pick at the Harvest location. They are 1.50 $/lb you pick

2015 blackberries for sale

Blackberries for sale

We are selling blackberries this year. $4 per lb, which equates to: 1 quart is about 1.25 lbs. Available picking times are: after 6:00 pm, but call ahead to ensure someone is on premises for you to pick. Charlotte: 615 604 0624, or Luke: 615 604 3513

Come pick before the freeze

It is expected to be a freeze this weekend, so come and get your muscadines beforeit gets here. We lowered the price on Tara (white muscadines to 0.50 $/lb, the Black Beauty and Darlene to 1.00 $/lb. Hope to see you there.

wine-making class 2014

Hyde's Harvest is hosting a wine-making class on October 11th at 2:00 pm. If you would like to attend, please email or call so that we can make arrangements. In order to get the most from the class it would be good to review the handout listed on this website for wine-making classes. It would also be beneficial to have your own grapes picked and ready for the class.

We still have some Norton and Chardonnel available as well as lots of muscadines still available.

Norton 2014 available

We have Norton grapes available for picking now. They are at the Toney location.

winemaking class

The winemaking class tommorrow is going to be delayed until 3:00 pm. Hopefully those interested will already have there grapes picked and be ready to go when the class starts.

Lots of Muscadines and Chardonnel are available and a winemaking class Saturday afternoon

We have large quantites of Sweet Muscadines and Chardonnel available for picking. Any of these are great for wine or jelly.

Several people have expressed interest in me teaching a wine class. I will have a class 1:00 pm Saturday afternoon (9/13/2014) at the Toney vineyard. If people want to go through the process with fresh grapes, as I cover the various topics, they will need to have their own fermentation buckets, chemicals, ect.

I would appreciate whoever wants to attend to RSVP so I can plan accordingly. Call if you have any questions regarding the class.

Muscadines available for picking

Muscadines are available for picking at the Toney vineyard. The varieties avaialble now include: Darlene, Black Beauty, and Tara.

We also still have Chardonnel available, and some Concord. Soon Norton will be available.