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Concord grapes are starting to come in

I took a measurement yesterday on the Concord grapes at the Harvest location, and the sugar level (brix) was 15-17 for some of the clusters.

We have several other cluster grape varieties that will be ready for sale soon. Those varieties include: Chardonnel, Pinot Noir, Vignole, and Norton. All of these varieties make a great wine or a jam/jelly. Most of these grapes are currently about 10-12 brix. They will be ready when they are approx 22-24 brix.

I will update the post as the sugar levels increase.

Again all cluster grapes are 1.50$/lb you pick.

Luke Hyde

Blackberries for Sale, Now picking

We are selling blackberries this year. $4 per lb, which equates to: 1 quart is about 1.25 lbs. Available picking times are: after 6:00 pm, but call ahead to ensure someone is on premises for you to pick. Charlotte: 615 604 0624, or Luke: 615 604 3513

Mature Muscadine vines available for sale

We will be selling some of our mature muscadine vines. We are selling some Cowart, Fry, Carlos and some Noble varieties. If transplanted properly, they should yield some fruit this year. We are asking $30.00 per vine. Call to coordinate a time to get them.

Reduced prices on muscadines

We have reduced our prices on all white muscadines to 0.50 $/lb u-pick at the Toney vineyard.

We look forward to seeing you at the vineyard!

Reduced Muscadine Prices at the Harvest Location

We are reducing our prices at the Harvest location to $0.50 this weekend. At the Harvest location we still have red and white Muscadines. The varieties of red are Cowart, and some Noble. The varieties of white are Carlos, and Fry. It is going to be nice on Friday and Saturday and hopefully on Sunday, so come out and pick some fresh Muscadine Grapes.

Muscadines and Norton $1.00 per pound

Due to the early fall, we have a lot of grapes ripening earlier. We want to make sure the grapes are used and enjoyed during their peak, so we are reducing the cost per pound to $1.00.

This is the perfect time to pick fruit to make an extra batch of jam or jelly. Homemade Jelly make great gifts for family at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

It is also the perfect time, to start an extra batch of wine. The sugar of the grapes is increasing and will make an excellent wine.

We look forward to seeing you at out the vineyard!

Black Beauty, Tara and Darlene Muscadines are ripe and ready to pick

The extremely sweet Darlene and Black Beauty Muscadines are ripe and are ready for harvesting. We have large quantities of all varieties for those of you who make wine or jelly. They are also great for eating. We still have several hundred pounds of Norton remaining to be picked. The Norton brix was 21 (approx. 11-11.5 % soluble sugar) last Saturday, so they are probably 22-23 brix now. We have some Carlos and Fry that is ready to pick as well.

Annual Winemaking Hands on class, Saturday September 26th.

Hyde's Harvest often gets the question, "Can we buy your muscadine wine?". We are not a winery and do not have a license to sell wine. Our business supports the home winemaker and will be holding a hands on class to provide instruction on basic wine making procedures.

When: September 26, 2015
Where: Toney Vineyard, 214 Ardwall Rd. Toney, AL
Time: 1:00Pm-? (estimated at 2 hours depending on number of participants.)

Norton Picking this weekend, as well as Muscadines!

There is quite a bit of Norton ready to pick this weekend, a lot of it has brix at 21, but by the weekend it might be 22-23.

The Toney location has lots of Tara ready to pick (white scuppernong), and some Concord left. Great for wine or jelly. There are currently small amounts of other varieties: Darlene and Fry, (white muscadines).

The Harvest location currently has a lot of Noble (red muscadine). There is plenty for people who want larger quantities for wine or jelly.

Early muscadine picking Labor Day Weekend

There will be some muscadines ready for picking this weekend for people who want smaller amounts for fresh fruit to eat. The muscadines that will be available are mainly Tara, which is a white muscadine grape. Within two weeks, every type of muscadine will probably be ready to pick, (Black Beauty, Darlene, Noble, Carlos, Tara, Fry, ect.) Toney Location opens Saturday morning, Harvest will open the following weekend.